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Pet-Friendly Perfection

a small white dog sitting on a black background at Staples Mill Townhomes, Virginia

Staples Mill Townhomes
A Purr-fect Paradise

Welcome to Staples Mill Townhomes, where your furry companions are not just welcome but truly pampered members of our community. In our pet-friendly haven, residents are delighted to share their homes with up to two pets, allowing for the joyous companionship of our four-legged friends. Staples Mill Townhomes ensures that pets of various sizes can comfortably thrive within our community. The pet amenities extend further with a reasonable pet rent of $35 per month for one pet and $50 per month for two, making it easy for pet owners to provide the best for their furry family members.

At Staples Mill Townhomes, we believe in inclusivity and flexibility when it comes to pets. We proudly enforce no breed restrictions, fostering an environment where all breeds are embraced with open arms. It's important to note that certain weight restrictions on upper floors may apply to the well-being of all residents. Our commitment to the welfare of our community includes a careful approval process for all pets, ensuring a harmonious living experience for everyone. The nonrefundable pet fees of $300 for the first pet and $200 for the second contribute to maintaining our pet-friendly community and the high standards of care we provide to both our residents and their beloved pets.

Where Paws Keep on Playing 

In our welcoming community, where all breeds are embraced, we provide an ideal haven for your cherished pets.               
 Dog Park
 Pet Stations

a screenshot of a cell phone in the dark at Staples Mill Townhomes, Virginia
a woman laying on a bed with a cat on her face at Staples Mill Townhomes, Virginia
three dogs on leashes with a woman and a small dog at Staples Mill Townhomes, Virginia

Quality Care in Richmond...

Lakeside Animal Hospital | 2 miles

 Cary Street Veterinary Hospital | 5.3 miles

 VCA Pets First Animal Hospital | 2.9 miles

 Brook Run Animal Clinic | 3.3 miles 

A Tail-wagging Sanctuary

Nestled in a central locale, Staples Mill Townhomes grants you effortless access to a plethora of activities that transform this city into a genuine haven for pets and their companions. Each day at Staples Mill Townhomes is designed to be brimming with pet-friendly escapades and treasured moments, ensuring a delightful experience for both you and your furry friends.

a brown and white dog with a black background at Staples Mill Townhomes, Virginia
a group of dogs and cats in a line at Staples Mill Townhomes, Virginia